The challenge of parenting is enormous – to take the hand of a brand-new human being and guide her toward adulthood, teaching her all she needs to know to have a happy, successful life. There are times in all parents’ lives when the challenge seems overwhelming. Sometimes we lose control of our emotions, or feel helpless, or resort to shouting and hitting.

Positive Discipline in Everyday Parenting (PDEP) was designed to help parents learn how to teach children effectively, while respecting their rights.  It’s an approach that can guide all interactions with children, not just the challenging ones, to promote healthy child development and strong parent-child relationships. 

Who is PDEP for?

PDEP is for all parents, grandparents, foster parents and others who care for children of all ages.  It’s also for future parents.  And it’s for those who support parents, such as parent educators, parent group facilitators, and family support workers.

PDEP can be helpful for any family.  Some children have particular challenges that are not typical for their age, perhaps due to neurodevelopmental differences or developmental delays.  Those caring for these children are advised to seek additional guidance from specially trained professionals, such as family doctors and public health nurses.