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Positive Discipline in Everyday Life Annual General Meeting

[Re-post from 6 Nov. 2018]: All are welcome to attend the first Annual General Meeting of Positive Discipline in Everyday Life (PDEL).

Download: AGM_1_November_26_2018.pdf

New Facilitators and Country Trainers in Indonesia

[Re-post from 6 Nov. 2018]: We are happy to welcome a new group of Facilitators and two new Country Trainers who were trained in Indonesia in August 2018 by Christine Ateah and Shamail Khalil. Thank you to all who made this possible!

20 New Facilitators Trained in Vietnam

[Re-post from 6 Nov. 2018]: Welcome to all new Facilitators trained in Hanoi by Joan Durrant and Shamail Khalil! Many thanks to Save the Children Sweden and Vietnam for your hospitality.

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