What is the program about?

Positive Discipline in Everyday Parenting is a parent support program that helps parents gradually move away from physical and emotional punishment and toward solutions that nurture their children’s healthy development and learning.

Sometimes “positive discipline” is misunderstood as “permissiveness.” Actually, positive discipline is about finding long-term solutions that help children develop their own self-discipline over time.

It's about:

The Positive Discipline Model

In this program, parents learn how to think through 4 steps that will help them resolve conflict in a way that teaches, rather than punishes, their children. This problem-solving framework can be applied in any situation, not just the challenging ones.

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Step 4

Step 3

Step 2

Step 1

Problem Solving

Understanding how
children think and feel

Providing warmth

Providing structure

Identifying your
long-term goals

How can I plan a response that will help me reach my long-term goals?
What lies behind my child’s behaviour? What does my child understand about the situation? How can I effectively teach a child of this age?
How will I ensure that my child is emotionally and physically safe?
How will I give my child the information needed to learn and succeed?
Do I want my child to become confident or fearful? Happy or angry? Non-violent or aggressive?