Who we work with.

Canadian Association of Family Resource Programs

Since 1994, FRP Canada has worked to ensure that family resource organizations have the tools, training and resources they need to do excellent work in their communities. We are a bilingual, charitable organization with 500 member organizations under our umbrella.

FRP Canada provides practical resources for parents and practitioners, tests new program models, shares promising practices, participates in research and disseminates research findings, and hosts a biennial national conference. Our online evaluation system provides members with an easy way to share what is working in the field and what needs improvement, as well as tracking the impact of family resource programs nationally.

Save the Children Sweden

Save the Children is a politically and religiously independent organization working to ensure that all children around the world have their rights respected.

We work for children living in the most difficult circumstances - those exposed to violence, those who do not go to school, those who lack support from parents and other adults, and those living in poverty, wars and disasters.

Save the Children fights for all children to have a safe and healthy upbringing, to have their voices heard, and to have influence over their lives.

To have impact, we listen to children, provide support directly to them, share our knowledge and experience with those who can change children's living conditions, inform the public about what they can do, and engage decision makers in upholding children's rights.

Mosaic Newcomer Family Resource Network

Mosaic Newcomer Family Resource Network is a registered Canadian charity committed to helping newcomer families settle successfully in Manitoba. We provide English language classes with childcare and information that will help newcomers understand Canadian parenting norms. We offer opportunities to share parenting skills with one another, and to build skills through our peer mentor program.

Mosaic helps immigrant parents and other primary care givers to build the confidence and independence needed to participate actively in community life. Our programs are offered in several Winnipeg communities, based on strong community connections and long-term partnerships.

We offer PDEP parent programs and facilitator training, in addition to other parenting and family literacy programs. Most of our program facilitators are newcomers themselves, from all regions of the world.